Child Actors

It’s an exciting opportunity for your child when they venture down the path of becoming a child actor. However, it can also be paved with disappointment when those casting calls and auditions don’t come their way.

For young ones there is a lot of competition, so an outstanding portfolio of images can be the difference that makes the difference.

You too will undoubtedly be excited for your young one as they embark on this adventure, however your overarching responsibility throughout is of course to represent their best interests. You need to be confident that those they engage with on this journey, understand the sensitivities of working with children.

Photographing kids is great fun and they love it, however as a parent or guardian you will undoubtedly be looking to work with a photographer who is conscientious, trustworthy and patient. You can trust that when we work together I will ensure your child gets the best experience, in a safe and secure environment, and one in which you have complete control, so that at the end of our work together, you receive a phenomenal set of images that will give them the best opportunity to get ahead.

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