We Set off from Jolly Harbour, Antigua amidst warm rays

29 January 2019

We set off from Jolly Harbour, Antigua amidst warm rays and early morning excitement for our sail down to Bequia in the Windward Islands.

I was the photographer onboard the Tall Ships Youth Trust, joined by nine other would be sailors and crew for the voyage down.

The anticipated journey time for the initial Jaunt of our adventure was 30 hours…some two hours later those hazy dreams of drifting down on the breeze changed a little as we entered into the next twenty four hours of rain, wind sea sickness and very wet pants. The crew worked on three hour about shifts so add a little sleep deprivation and the skipper seemed to anticipate we might have to cut that journey short and deal in a little sanity at St.Lucia. As a result we moored in Marigot Bay St.Lucia for an overnight stay and a little light relief.  A beautiful setting where we filled our tummies and felt the calm of the Bay…plus a full nights sleep under the stars…and there really were a multitude of stars that night.

The next morning the sun made a very welcome appearance under the sails and we then had the previously imagined sail down to Bequia. We stayed overnight , enjoyed a traditional Sunday dinner of Pork, mashed potato and vegetables on board and a welcome Rum Punch Sundowner.

In the morning we went onshore to visit the really quite beautiful Bequia, with it’s colonial type houses, sprawling lawns, restaurants , bars and lively friendly population. A bustling tempo Island with a really positive feel. We enjoyed the feeling of land, mango juice, real coffee and a swim off the town Beach. This really was a photogenic Island and I managed to secure some gorgeous shots portraying the spirit of the place.  Having stocked up on provisions we made our way back to the boat, slightly faster than anticipated as we had received a call from the onboard crew to let us know that the anchor had slipped…good job we made the fast dinghy ride back when we did.

We left Bequia and headed down to the Island of Canouan where we moored off the beach and went swimming. The crew discovered a local bar , run by Ezra, which provided us a great deal of evening entertainment, not to mention rum and a spot of limbo… as it turns out I’m pretty good at that… OK well a little cheating but I still won.

Today we are at Tobago Quays where the crew are snorkelling with Turtles and Stingray.  After some swimming myself I am off with the Skipper now to take some local pictures of the boat boys who visit the visiting boats on a daily basis in their colours boats with the offer of…well all sorts of things! The sailing has provided us, thus far, with just about all weather temperatures and some of the resultant photography has revealed some of the fun, hard work and personality onboard.


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