Sailing and Chocolate Factory’s…

2 March 2019

New crew arriving…

Arriving back in Grenada we set about cleaning the sailing boat before bidding farewell to our Manchurian fellow travellers; Tony and Tom. We’ve had simply loads of fun with these guys and were sorry to see them go. We had a few days in Grenada whilst waiting to take on a new crew, so the remaining few decided to take a tour around the Island of Grenada. The Island is extremely diverse, offering up pale sand beaches, waterfalls, rainforest and ecological wonder interspersed with chocolate and rum factories along with sulphur pools and…praise God…a KFC. Yes, a real KFC. We knew after seeing a castaway paper cup with the golden words written on the side that we were edging upon such a discovery. The whole party enjoyed fried chicken and chips to soak up the remainder of a small hangover the night before.

The Rum wasn’t to be missed…

The Rum Factory was an equally delicious experience. Whilst only in the existence since the 1970’s the chocolate produced therein is made and package by hand today as it was then. The people were lovely and weathered by cocoa. We all took away chocolate to eat in our bunks and to bring home as presents…it will never make it!

We had the most thoroughly enjoyable day, finished off with our driver rushing home for his tea. Necessitating corners on two wheels and hilarious giggling along the way. Check out my accompanying photography to bring colour and vibrancy to the story.

Sailing Photography…

In a couple of days we will meet our new crew and a whole new sailing adventure will begin.  Crew with and without sailing experience will join us. With fourteen of us, on a 72ft challenger yacht, this will give me ample opportunity for all sort of photography. Action photography on and off board, some images of the yacht healing and lumpy seas always makes for a exiting photography.


I can’t wait…..



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