If I could choose another skill!

If I could choose another skill…

Eat the Frog.

I would be an extremely fantastic writer, blogging would be so very easy. I listen to copywriters voicing their 1- minute presentation at networking events and think ‘Oh I really do wish I could have explained it that way, all those interesting words voiced so splendidly. Exiting and descriptive words. Anyway, the little voice appears with vengeance “but I bet they struggle to take a fine picture as you do Sally”.

So, anyway if I could choose a skill, it would be fantastic words all in the right order in the correct place at the right time. I can work at that. As you know, I express myself through my photography, capturing moments. Capturing the actual moment for me is quite simple, I can’t explain exactly how this happens but whenever I work with a client I enjoy understanding their business and what they require. It makes me feel part of a team, on a mission, achieving a fantastic outcome.

I tend to write as I think, it’s me, and I have now come to the conclusion I will write my own blogs. Thank goodness for spell check, although I don’t think that is 100% correct all the time.

Eat my frog! I’m improving, switching off my phone notification has helped. When the little voice says phone Faye for a chat or text Laura and asks how her weekend went!! No NO NO, yes I’m having a lunch break now, just 20 mins or so. I will tell them, It’s my lunch break and I can only chat for a minute or two. Otherwise, the boss will be after me, and she will, another little voice telling me off for not concentrating and keeping focused (a bit of a pun there).

Getting to the point, was there one or am I on a rant, who knows. So this is my Frog, I hope you love the pic above. Unfortunately its not in the jungle but a studio set up, it was quite difficult posing him though. I named the image ’Strike a Pose’ and I do believe I caught a great moment.

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