Work or pleasure?

Photography for me isn’t a hobby or a profession, it’s a way of life!

I don’t need to learn to sail to become a sailing photographer but I enjoy the challenge. I Like to understand my clients and having a little knowledge and  being able to relate to them is important to me. Its also extremely  handy to know the sailing terms, better than being swept overboard when hit by the boom.

Capturing the excitement and action for clients and friends but also sharing in the adventure, brings a whole new dimension to my photography.

The image above was taken whilst Sailing on the Solent. Leaving St Catherines Dock in London, we sailed the Thames Estuary , along the south coast,  navigated  the Solent, ending our adventure in Haslar Marina, Gosport. The Solent was as hectic as I expected and the weather typical of the UK, rain, thunder and windy. Tankers and ships appearing  from all directions.  Perfect for  exiting sailing images. Clipped to the stern of the yacht (a 60 ft ex- clipper yacht ) I negotiated the waves, keeping my balance and snapped just at the right moment.

Ive recently joined the BBC sailing club, giving me lots of opportunity to sail on the South Coast, moored on the Hamble River and only 30 minutes from my home. In a couple of weeks I will be sailing down to torbay, hoping this wonderful weather will last, with a little extra wind with a bit of luck

This not only gives me the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of sailing but also taking pictures of local areas from a completely different prospective. I have sold several prints and digital images for stock and wall art. Recently a letting agency purchased several  images taken whilst sailing past the Port of Southampton.

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