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What shall I wear for my headshot/business portrait


Today I would like to talk to you about how to look your best on camera…   Any Colour can technically Work Any colour can work if you like wearing it, its down to me to work out how to light you and balance the background colours with the colours you are wearing. You just…

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If I could choose another skill!

photography studio lighting

If I could choose another skill… Eat the Frog. I would be an extremely fantastic writer, blogging would be so very easy. I listen to copywriters voicing their 1- minute presentation at networking events and think ‘Oh I really do wish I could have explained it that way, all those interesting words voiced so splendidly.…

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It Wasn’t a Dream!

It became reality in an instant, I would join a camera club and find out if I had an eye for a picture, a good eye that was, not an OK eye. I didn’t want to end up being just an OK photographer. As soon as I had that thought ‘I could leave my job…

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