A Huge Wave!

1 November 2018

Lucky for me!!

I was down below and sheltering from the wave from nowhere!!  We’ll of course the sea is completely unpredictable and should always be respected.

So, bobbing around on the ocean, Poole Harbour seems to be a place I frequent quite often these days. Shooting a ‘family on board campaign’, I was in my element. Another photographer in a rib photographing from a distance and myself with the family shooting those special unpredictable moments. “Please can you go below Sally I too need to get some shots” (I’m sorry if I was monopolizing the photography but I needed to get my all important action shots and laughter ). Anyway, it was a great move and much to my amusement this huge wave descended upon all, except for me as I was hiding down below with the camera at the ready. GOT IT!!! Everyone laughed, especially Luke, with his wonderful smile. Did you Get it, Did you get it?? Yes I did!!!

It was the one day in the summer when the weather turned and we experienced cold, wind and grey skies. It absolutely worked to our advantage creating atmospheric images, action shots and lots of fantastic sailing with the boat healing over rather splendidly.

We had a lot of fun that day, creating numerous fantastic images for a corporate company to use for their family campaign on boats. The family also received all the edited pictures which are apparently covering their walls. I had an amazing day too, working and getting to know the family on board creating beautiful pictures and enjoying an exiting sail ….

About Sally

My passion for photography is a way of life, creating beautiful images for my clients. I am very much a people person with a bubbly personality, bringing originality, creativity, and an eye for detail to my photography. My portfolio reflects the range of my work from consumer to corporate.

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